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Laguna PowerJet

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Product Description

Laguna PowerJet High Performance Fountain/Waterfall Pump Kit contains everything you need to generate powerful water circulation and beautiful water display features, including a powerful PowerJet water circulating pump, riser stem and two fountain heads.

The pump is powered by a magnetic-driven motor that is unmatched in the market for its ability to generate powerful and continuous water flow while consuming minimal electricity–the perfect combination of high pump efficiency and low energy costs.

The pump does not require foam cartridges since it sits inside a cocoon-like cage that blocks out dirt and debris and protects the pump from clogging. With this design, the days of cleaning and replacing foam cartridges are over. The pump is also easy to assemble, thanks to an enhanced cage design, and features the patented Click-Fit coupling design that allows you to make quick and secure attachments by a simple clicking action.

Easy to install and operate, the pump is completely submersible and engineered to run continuously, even in hard water areas. The pump can power a fountain and waterfall/spitter ornament.

PowerJet pump is manufactured in Europe to European Quality standards and guaranteed for 3 years. A FREE additional 2 Year guarantee can be obtained when the guarantee is registered online.



Maximum Pond Volume: 11200 L
Maximum Flow Rate: 5600 LPH
Maximum Head Height: 11′ 5″ (3.3 m)

Wattage: 65W



Maximum Pond Volume: 15200 L
Maximum Flow Rate: 7600 LPH
Maximum Head Height: 11′ 5″ (3.5 m)

Wattage: 75W