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Livestock Shipping & Delivery

At Uni Hill Aquarium we put extra time, effort, and care into our packing methods. Your order will be carefully and securely hand packed into labeled specimen bags for easy acclimation and identification. We will double bagged each orders with insulation to ensure no leakage and shipped in Polystyrene boxes. Ice packs or heat packs are added free of charge when required.

How much is shipping?

Local pick up are free and welcome at Uni Hill Aquarium. We will be in contact with you to organise a pickup time. 

Shipping is a flat rate of $30 via our overnight express courier service. 

By airport to airport from $45. 

Please note for airport to airport at checkout you will be charged $0. This is due to each individual airport having a different cost. Once the order is placed, we will contact you and arrange a payment. 

We only ship Livestock on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We do not ship any livestock to TAS, NT and WA.

Can I track my order?

You will receive tracking information via email once your order has shipped.

Livestock DOA

Uni Hill Aquarium offer a guaranteed live arrival to most major cities in the Star Track next day delivery zone. Please use a delivery address where someone is available to take parcel. 

Order outside of Star Track next day delivery zone, if parcels are mismanaged by the courier or held up in transit and no one is present to receive the parcel at a time of delivery. We cannot offer DOA (Dead On Arrival) replacement, this is out of our control, therefore no claims can be made.

What happens if I have a DOA or a coral doesn't survive?

  1. Take a clear picture of the coral within 1 hour of first delivery attempt. And a picture of dead coral in sealed shipping bag. 
  2. Send us your picture and order information. Please send any photos and claims tounihillaquarium@gmail.com A representative will get back with you within one working day.
  3. Receive your replacement. Or a credit note will be issued.  No Refund will be applied. If replacement coral is available,  buyer is responsible for shipping costs. If parcels are mismanaged by the courier or held up in transit we cannot offer DOA (Dead On Arrival) replacement. Any "freebie" corals are excluded from DOA policy.