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Continuum Professional Coral Dip 30ml

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Product Description

Protect your tank - and dip. Med Tec professional will condition and clean your corals, assist in acclimating as well as remove unwanted hitchhikers when used as a coral cleaner dip and 26 times stronger than regular dips.

Medtec Professional Coral Dip


  • coral cleaner and dip
  • removes unwanted hitchhikers
  • conditions and cleanses coral
The Continuum advantage.

Safe for dipping

  • Soft Corals
  • Stoney Corals
  • Anemones
  • Mushrooms
  • Zoas

  • Medtec Coral Cleaner & Dip is a much more gentle cleaner and acclimation dip than many other dips, yet it is very effective.

    It is a prophylactic cleaner, conditioner, and will assist in acclimating corals to their new environment.

    It is safe for dipping soft and stony corals, anemones, mushrooms and zoas. It is great for cleaning coral facilities or tanks as a wipe down or soak between uses.