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Hailea RP Series Internal Filter

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Product Description

Model: RP-200, Flow: 200 L/h, for aquarium size: 50-100 L

Model: RP-400, Flow: 400 L/h, for aquarium size: 100 L

Model: RP-600, Flow: 400 L/h, for aquarium size: 100-200 L

  • Reinforced ABS original particles to shape the case, which is never wear out.
  • The spray bar can be rotated to adjustable the direction.
  • The flow control valve can adjust the pump flow size as needed.
  • Unique design, the filter media are quick and convenient to clean and replace.
  • high quality resin to seal the winding and safe and reliable.
  • high quality bio-chemical filtration sponge which is suitable for breeding nitrifying bacteria.
  • special structure activated carbon box which is better for eliminating the impurity in the water.