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Continuum Bacter Gen.M

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Product Description

Bacter Clean M is a water Conditioner that loosens debris and detritus as well as cleans live rock & other surfaces in all reefs & marine aquariums.

BacterGen M water conditioner is a breakthrough microbial culture specifically for establishing and maintaining marine systems.

The Continuum advantage.
Bacter Gen M

BacterGen M is a breakthrough in microbial cultures and is specifically designed for marine aquariums.

Whereas most competing products, designed primarily for freshwater aquariums, rarely work well in saltwater environments, BacterGen M will quickly generate effective bacterial populations in seawater.

BacterGen M rapidly establishes nitrifying biological filtration in new marine aquariums, greatly reducing the time it takes to cycle the system.

It is also designed to deliver bacteria to digest leftover food, decaying organic material and detritus in established marine fish and reef aquariums, providing for a cleaner environment for your aquarium inhabitants.

Whereas competing products may increase the production of toxic hydrogen sulfide in the system, BacterGen M is non-sulfur fixing and will reduce it to near zero.

BacterGen M contains both aerobic and anaerobic microbes which will generate new populations and greatly increase existing bacterial populations to establish and accelerate nitrification and denitrification, lowering ammonia, and nitrites, as well as lowering phosphates, nitrates and organic pollutants significantly.

Use in aquarium keeping.

Aquarium systems accumulate waste from uneaten food and other organic material.

Over time, this accumulation lowers water quality, releases toxic gases into the water, and creates sludge on the bottom.

The addition of a high quality microbe culture, such as BacterGen M will cause a rapid increase in the population of beneficial microorganisms with a resulting increase in water clarity and a drop in unbeneficial nutrients, particularly ammonia and nitrogen compounds as well as phosphates.

Continuum recommends that you consider using Reef Micro Fuel, along with the BacterGen M, as an organic carbon source to accelerate the growth and maintenance of both aerobic and anaerobic bacterial populations in your aquarium.