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API Turtle Fix 237ml

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Product Description

A safe all natural way to treat topical bacterial infections on the body and limbs of aquatic and semi-aquatic reptiles and amphibians

    Aids in the repair of damaged tissue and wounds

      API Turtle Turtle Fix is safe for use with aquariums, paludariums, vivariums, and aquatic terrariums housing aquatic turtles, newts or aquatic frogs.

      Directions for Use:
      Shake well. Use the dosing cap on bottle. Remove activated carbon from filter, if possible. Dose: Add 1ml per 2 US gallons or add 5 ml (1tsp) per 10 US gallons of water. Dose daily for 7 days, perform a 25% water change. Treatment can be continued if necessary. A slight foaming may occur during treatment.

      Active Ingredient: Melaleuca (Tea Tree Extract) 0.9%

      When to Use:
      API Turtle Turtle Fix treats reddening of the skin, open wounds, damaged tissue, and white cloudy film on the skin.