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VCA Red Sea Reefer XXL Ultimate Return Line Upgrade Kit (25mm to 3/4")

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Product Description

Red Sea Reefer Ultimate XXL Return Line Upgrade – 25mm to 3/4in RFG

Simply the Easiest Way toUpgrade the Flow of your Red Sea Reefer Return Nozzle

  • Kit Includes:
    – 25mm to 3/4in Slip-fit Loc-Line Adapter
    – Genuine Loc-line 3/4in Y Fitting
    – 4 Sections of genuine 3/4in Loc-line
    – 2 x 3/4in Random Flow Generator Nozzles

Suggested Flow Rates:

GPH guidelines are calculated to the nozzle after head loss

  • Suggested Minimum: 400-500 GPH
  • Optimal: 700-800 GPH (or more)