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Trouble & Trix Diva Diva Cat Collar

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Trouble and Trix Cat Collar Diva Formal Wear, Shimmer Pink, One Size Fits All

Size: 1cm wide, 20cm is the minimum length

Trouble and Trix cat collars are designed to be comfortable, practical and of course... stylish! Each design is unique and the extra added features make this an awesome collar for your feline friend.

This cat collar is in one size, which fits all cats because it can be adjusted. Simply ensure that you can fit two fingers under the collar when your cat is wearing it.

Comfortable - the slimline design is perfect for your cat with fabric that won't get caught or rub away fur.

Practical -  this breakaway cat collar prevents your kitty from getting stuck where she shouldn't by including a safety clip that separates the collar allowing her to break free. It also features removable bells that can be worn (to alert and protect wildlife) or removed (to prevent annoyance).

Stylish - fun and unique design.