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Seatorch Multifunction Isolation Box

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Product Description

The Seatorch Multifunction Isolation box is made with high quality acrylic material with laser processing machine. 

Its bracket can be hung on to any aquarium from Euro bracing aquarium to rimless aquarium. 

It can be used for many purpose. It can be a isolation box, acclimate box or a in-tank refugium box. 

3 size available ready to used immediately  

Introduce or Isolate Fish, Corals or Invertebrates

There are many different uses for the Seatorch isolation box and most notably acclimating and introducing new fish to an already established aquarium, which can help reduce the stress on your new fish. With its integrated flow slots to ensure your get enough flow. 

Separate Chambers

You can use the included dividers to isolate anything. From one box into certain separate chambers. The chambers can be used to isolate fish, invertebrates, or even different types of macro-algae from growing into each other. 



Dimensions - 20cm L x 10cm W x 15cm H


Dimensions - 25cm L x 17cm W x 20cm H


Dimensions - 30cm L x 20cm W x 20cm H