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QANVEE Fluidized Moving Bed Filter Bio Media Filter

Product Description

QANVEE Fluidized Moving Bed Filter Bubble Bio Media Reactor for Aquarium Fish Tank with Air Stone and Sponge Filter

  • Self Cleaning Filter Media constantly moving around and rub against each other only letting the strongest nitrifying bacterla survive
  • Simply Hook up to an Air Pump and getting all the benefits of oxygen in the water and a super charged bio filter.
  • Oxygen Rich Water combined with strong nitrifying bacterla handle large amounts of ammonia and nitrite compare to other type of filter
  • Easy to Remove Intake Sponge provides additional physical filteration
  • Comes with Enough Media similiar to K1 micro will float at first and start tumbling in a few days

Package including:
LH-300 Filter
Filter media(1/2 bottle)
Air stone inside
2 sponge filters (One replacement)
4 strong suction cupsLH-300: 2.6" x 7.4"

LH-300 Size: 189mm*67mm*88mm= 7.4''×2.6''×3.5'' ( 3.5'' including suction cups)

Package including:
LH-600 Filter
Filter media(1/2 bottle)
Air stone inside
2 sponge filter(One replacement)
4 strong suction cups

LH-600 Size: 224mm*79mm*100mm= 8.8''×3''×4'' ( 4'' including suction cups)