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Polyp Lab Pro Carbon

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Product Description

High performance activated carbon for crystal clear water in fresh-water and salt-water aquariums. PolypLab Pro Carbon is is an ultra high performance activated carbon manufactured under the most strict quality controls. 

Pro CarbonL

- Highly Active
- PH Balanced
- In pellet form to reduce dust and find grains
- Lowest Phosphate Concentration in Industry


PolypLab Pro Carbon dramatically improves water quality in your aquarium by rapidly absorbing harmful toxins, impurities, organic wastes, medications, and more. Problems with hair algae or slow coral growth can be by the release of phosphates by impure activated carbons with high POI levels - sometimes as high as 14.0! Phosphate is known to promote the growth of nuisance algae as well as intefere with the proper growth of stony corals. PolypLab Pro Carbon has one of the lowest POI levels in the industry of only 1.3!



Before use rinse PolypLab Pro Carbon with fresh clean water to remove carbon dust. PolypLab Pro Carbon should be placed between layers of fine filter media and placed in an area of your sump with strong movelment. Pro Carbon is also perfect for use in media reactors.