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Polyp Lab Premium Coral Glue

Product Description

Polyp Labs Premium Coral Frag Glue 4g

Polyp Labs Premium Coral Frag Glue 4g x 7 Pack

Polyp Labs frag glue is a very thick consistency glue that dries underwater and can be used for coral as well as a number of other surfaces

Coral Frag Glue
  • Positive pressure only aluminium tubes means you get all the glue that you pay for.
  • The ability to glue underwater without any back siphoning compromising the product.
  • It is an ultra thick gel that you can literally "make ice cream cones with".
  • Every tube comes with its own stem.
  • Item diameter is uniform for a perfect application.
  • Glue has an 8hr work time when exposed to air for extended frag session.
  • Glue will react with water and bond within 5-15 seconds.
  • Great for fresh water plants as well.
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