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ISTA All in 1 Smart Maintainer Aquarium Cleaning Kit

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Product Description

ISTA All-in-1 Smart Maintainer Set provides all the necessary tools for cleaning aquarium and is suitable for cleaning both gravel tank and non-gravel aquarium.

The Syphon comes with a patented 2-way valve that lets you easily draw out or fill in water during cleaning. You may connect the Syphon to a suck-up bottle for cleaning gravel tank or connect to a scraper for cleaning non-gravel tank.


  • Unsinkable: All tools do not sink and float on the surface. This ensures that the tools are within your reach at any time.
  • Suck-up Bottle: Specially designed to cleaning gravel without losing it. Suitable for any kinds of gravel tank.
  • Syphon: Easy start-up with few squeezes. Patented two-way valves to draw out or fill in water. Suitable for connecting with suck-up bottle for cleaning gravel tank or scraper for cleaning non-gravel tank.
  • Scraper: Effectively removes algae from glass aquarium. Comes with stainless blade that is rust-resistant.
  • Rubber Scraper: Can be used for removing water blot and scrapping algae. This rubber scraper is suitable for both glass and acrylic tank.
  • Scrubber: Wiggling design for cleaning different angles of tank. Comes with a gentle, non-quartzite pad that will not scratch glass.
  • Extending Rods: Extends the Scrubber, Scraper, Rubber Scraper and Multiple Syphon Cleaner to reach deeper depths of the tank.


The kit includes 5 tools:

  • Rubber Scraper
  • Scraper
  • Scrubber
  • Water Vacuum Cleaner (no-gravel tank)
  • Syphon Cleaner