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Hikari Discus Bio Gold 80g

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Hikari Discus Bio-Gold Disc Fish Food

  • Nutritional Excellence
  • Unique Granule
  • Colour Enhancing Diet
  • Free Of Parasites & Bacteria Common With Live Foods

  • Colour Enhancing Diet So Good Wild Discus Attack It.

    Specifically developed for discus, taking into account their need for higher protein levels. Additionally, discus have a unique eating technique and are known to be finicky eaters. The Discus Bio-Gold granule has been manufactured to reduce the mess caused by a discus’ normal eating routine and formulated with lots of natural flavor attractants to offer maximum acceptance. The nutrition is so balanced discus can be successfully bred using no other supplemental foods.

    Nutritional Excellence
  • Made from a perfect blend of proteins, indispensable amino acids and necessary vitamins & minerals
  • High in stabilised vitamin C to reduce stress and build immunity to diseases.
  • Our highest protein level, consistent with live foods
  • Unequalled and extremely healthy growth rates
  • Natural colour enhancing ingredients safely produce natural brilliant colours rapidly while helping definition too!

  • Unique Granule
  • Porous granule immediately becomes soft & sponge-like, yet retains it’s shape
  • Reduces discus’ eating routine of repeatedly taking the food in and spitting it out
  • Will Not Dissolve Nor Cloud The Water
  • Free Of Parasites & Bacteria Common With Live Foods

  • Discus Bio-Gold Granule