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Hanna Algae Control Kit (713 Phosphate, 781 Nitrate) Checker HC (Saltwater)

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Product Description

713 Checker
The HI713 Checker® HC (Handheld Colorimeter) provides a simple, accurate and cost effective way to measure phosphate. Phosphate is a common food additive that enhances flavor and acts as a buffering agent. Important for growth and development of plant roots, phosphate is also present in fertilizers. However, high concentrations of phosphates are detrimental to the environment; for this reason, it is closely monitored in natural and municipal waters. Designed as a more accurate alternative to chemical test kits, the HI713 provides quick, accurate results in four easy steps.

781 Checker
The HI781 Checker® HC (Handheld Colorimeter) is a simple, accurate and cost-effective way to measure nitrate in saltwater.  Nitrate is a bi-product of ammonia. It comes from fish waste, plant decay, and leftover food. Over time, nitrate can build up in your aquarium. While low levels are not harmful, too much nitrate can be detrimental to the health of your fish and plants. Both odorless and colorless, nitrate can only be detected by testing.