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Fluval 3-In-1 Maintenance Tool

Product Description

Filled with pioneering spirit, Fluval is one of the top names in aquarium product and care around the globe. With reliable technology, carefully researched nutrition and more, Fluval has been inspiring fish hobbyists for over 35 years.

Fluvals clever 3-in-1 maintenance tool simplifies aquarium maintenance. It has a non-slip, telescopic handle with comfort grip that makes removing algae and other deposits so easy, and includes three interchangeable heads for numerous tasks.

  • Multipurpose, 3-in-1 tool simplifies aquarium maintenance
  • With a non-slip, telescopic handle with comfort grip
  • Makes removing algae and other deposits easy
  • Versatile cleaning tool comes with 3 interchangeable heads
  • Pivoting, rotating algae pad allows increased pad-to-surface contact and easier access to hard to reach areas
  • Fine nylon fish net for fast, safe fish catching
  • Algae scraper, stainless stell scraper, removes stubborn algae