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External Hang On Breeder Box

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Product Description

External Hang On Breeding House / Tank XL

  • Water Guided Chambers
  • Air Driven With Air Adjustment
  • 2 size available 
  • 1.5L Capacity or 2.5L Capacity
  • Suitable For Freshwater & Saltwater
  • Please note: Air pump need to purchased seperate 

1. Special two-fender design can achieve both upper and lower water flowing of the tank ensuring perfect water changing

2. It makes it possible to observe the growing process of the baby fishes and the parents on condition that they are not damaged. It is good for the beginners to observe the details and is helpful to inspire childrens curiosity and develop their scientific creativity.

3. Suitable for temporary tank of small fishes to be food for larger ones and also a safe shelter for shrimps.