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EcoTech Marine RMS XR30 Tank Mount System

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Product Description

RMS Is Better For Tank Mounting

  • Standard And Rimless Tank Compatible Fits The Vast Majority Of Commercially Available Standard And Rimless Tanks.
  • Attractive And Minimalistic A Low Profile, Sleek Design Keeps Your Attention On Your Tank Not On Your Tank Mount.
  • Super Easy Setup No Drilling, No Cutting And No Holes In Your Wall Or Stand – Have Your Light Mounted In Minutes.
  • Heavy Duty Sturdy Metal And Plastic Construction Will Last The Life Of Your Tank.
  • Integrated Cord Management Keep Power Cords Secured Out Of Sight On The Mount
  • Multiple Components For A Clean Look One Size Fits All Only Goes So Far, Different Rail Lengths Are Included To Best Fit Your Tank.
  • Adjusts For Fine Tuning Need To Move Your Radion Forward Or Backward A Little – No Problem.
  • Mount Lights Parallel Or Perpendicular Rotating X-Brackets Lets You Orient Your Lights Laterally Or Longitudinally.


  • Mounting Arm
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Sliding Rails*
  • X-Bracket*
  • All Necessary Hardware

*Specific To XR15 Or XR30 Kit.

RMS Multiple Radion Tank Mount System

The RMS System Isn’t Just For Small Tanks. Because The RMS Is Modular – Tank Mounting On Large Tanks Just Got A Whole Lot Easier.

Take Two Of The Same Arms Used In The Single Mount Kits, An Extended Rail And U-Mounts – And In Minutes You Can Assemble A Custom Large Tank Mount. This Configuration Will Also Allow Tank Mounting On Euro-Braced Tanks.

RMS Parts Are Available To Upgrade A Single Tank Mount Or Build A Large RMS Solution From Scratch. Find RMS Parts At Your LFS Or Order Them From Our Parts Store.

Build Your Own Multi Fixture RMS

Whether You Need A Rail Mount RMS Setup With 2 XR15s To Span A 3ft (1m) Office Tank, Or Two Rails With 8 XR30s On Your 8ft (2.5m) Reefing Masterpiece – The RMS System Has You Covered. To Make A Two-Arm Mount For Multiple Radions Simply Get The Two Arm Kit, The Rail Length You Need, And Then Add In The Appropriate Number And Type Of U-Mount X-Brackets.