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Carib Sea Arag-Alive Sand Fiji Pink

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Product Description


Arag-Alive! is simply the quickest and safest way to start up a new sparkling clear marine aquarium.

Carib Sea Arag-Alive Fiji Pink 9.1kg Size .5-1.5mm
  • Functional and beautiful aragonite substrate for all types of marine aquariums
  • Contains millions of beneficial marine bacteria to enhance biological filtration
  • Choose the style that's right for your particular marine aquarium setup
  • Arag-Alive!TM is simply the quickest and safest way to start up a new sparkling clear marine aquarium.

  • Arag-Alive!

    Arag-Alive! - You can now bring the world’s most exotic reefs into your home with CaribSea’s Arag-Alive! substrates.

    Environmentally accurate ecoscapes, developed through CaribSea’s cooperation with public aquariums and zoological parks where authenticity is a must, Arag-Alive! makes any aquarium uniquely yours.

    Arag-Alive! makes it easy to set up an aquarium.

    It’s ready to work, clears quickly, and contains millions of live bacteria to cycle super fast and create a natural biological balance.

    Arag-Alive! suppresses the dreaded “new tank syndrome”, compresses the ammonia cycle, and discourages nuisance algae.

    In fact, independent labs prove Arag-Alive! cycles days faster than other brands of live sand.

    That’s what makes Arag-Alive! the choice of new aquarists and maintenance companies where speed of set up, beauty, and reliability are demanded.