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AquaOne Ornament Copi Coral Stems Black

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Product Description

Add some colour and life to your aquarium with Aqua One's Copi Coral ornaments range!
When used in aquariums featuring blue LED lighting, the colours are intensified creating a spectacular and mesmerising display (Fluorescent Corals Only).

The Copi Coral Ornaments range brightens up any aquarium, making it the perfect addition!

Features & Benefits:

  • Creates an aesthetically pleasing environment for your aquarium and its inhabitants
  • Adds life and colour to your aquarium 

Specifications: Available in 2 sizes

  • 37306 - Copi Coral Stems Black 16x5.5x19cm
  • 37308 - Copi Coral Stems Black 18x11x34cm

Suitable For: Coldwater, Freshwater Tropical & Marine