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Continuum Bacter Clean.F

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Product Description

Finding cleaning a choir and looking for a way to keep your aquarium in tip top condition - a simple way is by adding Continuum Bacter F that helps loosens debris and detritus cleans live rock and other surfaces in all freshwater and planted aquariums and reduces organics that can give a like new look.

The Continuum advantage.

Bacter Clean F is a unique freshwater microbial culture and enzyme product specifically designed to target and clean surfaces of live plants, driftwood, decorations, rocks and tank walls, removing stains, loosening and softening debris for easy vacuuming and providing a cleaner, more pristine environment.

  • It will out compete unwanted substances and loosen the grip of ugly accumulations and coatings making their removal by scraping or vacuuming easy.
  • Its exclusive bacterial formula does much of the work for you, to help provide the beautiful freshwater or planted aquarium you have always wanted.
  • It will also rapidly breakdown organic waste, leftover food, debris and detritus in freshwater aquariums, providing essential water quality improvement.

  • Use in aquarium keeping.

    Continuum recommends that you filter tap makeup water by reverse osmosis, distillation or deionization along with carbon pre-filtration to prevent adding phosphates and silicates to your aquarium.

    When making large water changes or on the first filling of the aquarium, treat purified water first with Continuum Flora Viv GH+ and/or Reconstitute RO to add proper electolytes back to purified water prior to addition to your aquarium.

    Continuum recommends a phosphate level of less than .02 mg/l (ppm).

    If you have high phosphate levels, you can lower them rapidly by using Continuum Captiv Phos W or Captiv Phos Fe or liquid Phos Correx prior to or while using this product.

    The use of mollies, algae eating snails; Amano, ghost or glass shrimp; sucker mouth catfishes such as plecostomus or siamese algae eaters, octoclinclus and other grazers is also recommended.

    Although not required, it would be advantageous to first use Continuum Redox Plus to lower the organic load of the aquarium and to raise the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) and then wait 2 hours before using this product for the first time.

    Continuum also recommends that you consider using Flora Viv Prolifera, along with the Bacter Clean F, as an organic carbon source to accelerate the growth and increase the effectiveness of the bacteria in this product.

    Bacter Clean F can be used simultaneously with BacterGen F. If using simultaneously, cut the dosage of each of the other bacterial products in half, and use on different days.