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AquaForest Media Reactor

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Product Description

A fluidising reactor, intended for use with different types of filter media, It works perfectly as a reactor for Phosphate Absorbers, Activated Carbon and Zeolites. Thanks to the compact dimensions, it can be used both internally in the sump or externally. The Reactor is made entirely from high quality – 100% acrylic, making it resistant to damage and discolouration. We used a silicone seal which protects the filter against leakage. Inside the filter are sponges with a special fixture to prevent deformation of the internal sponge – it prevents also the passage of filter medium outside the filter housing (important in the case of resins or absorbers – like GFO). Important thing is also that our media reactors are very solid and nicely made. We recommend the use of 3 Aquaforest Media, Zeo Mix, Carbon and Phosphate Minus in combination.


AquaForest AF Series Media Reactors are available in 3 sizes: Small (AF90), Medium (AF110), and Large (AF150). Although the Large AF150 reactor is only 15 cm (5.91 inches) taller than the Small AF90, it has 350 times the media storage capacity!

Detailed Specifications

AF90 Media Reactor

AF110 Media Reactor

AF150 Media Reactor

Body Size 90mm/3.54" 110mm (4.33”) 150mm (5.91”)
Height 30cm (11.81”) 39cm (15.35”) 45cm (17.72”)
Connections 16mm 20mm 20mm
Media Capacity (L) 1.6L 3L (6.34 US pt)  7.2L (1.91 US gal) 
Width of Cylinder (cm) 13cm (5.12”) 15cm (5.91”) 19cm (7.48”)